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Advantages of the T&B System

Most clients opt for the T&B Log Home systems because they like the natural look, the warmth, texture and feel of solid timber. At T&B we have found that solid log cabins appeal to almost all people in all cultures.

Other good reasons for considering a T&B home are

The speed of erection

The HEAVY SOLID LOG system eliminates the need for conventional foundations and on average cuts erection times by half. (The external walls of a typical three bedroom home can in most territories be erected in four days and the total home can be complete within six to eight weeks, roughly 40% of the time taken for a conventional home.) The erection time savings result in lower costs in the final bill and make our eco log homes competitive in almost all markets.

Clean sites, difficult sites

As T & B Log Homes are supported on a framework of vertical poles, the construction process uses very little concrete and leaves the site cleaner and less disrupted than other building sites. The T & B system is therefore ideal for ecologically sensitive areas like game reserves, eco estates, eco log homes fishing lodges and golf courses. The T&B system is also ideal for difficult sites – those on lake edges, in swamps, on exceptionally steep slopes or in clay and sand. On such challenging slopes it is common to find, again, that the cost of a T&B home on a “difficult” site is significantly less than that of conventionally built homes.

Fungal and fire resistance

All T & B timber is treated with TBTO or other appropriate timber preservatives against termites and decay and anti-fungal substances. Provided the recommended treatment is continued regularly the timber home will last in perpetuity. Furthermore, the HEAVY SOLID LOG SYSTEM has a similar fire rating to brick and mortar. T&B log walls have an SABS fire rating equal to that of a 200mm brick cavity wall.

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