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Log Homes in Africa; by Timberlog Homes

From small coastline residential homes in Namibia to boastful timber frame mansions in Mussuloa, Angola, the T&B Group proudly share our portfolio of timber frame prebuilt kits we’ve manufactured for Log homes in Africa. By ordering the timber frame kit from us, property owners and resort owners across Africa can save time and money by ordering from a South African timber log manufacturer.
Log homes blend perfectly in natural environments, making little impact on the wildlife and avoiding disturbing the fauna and flora. Timber frame homes can also be installed in locations where it’s impossible to build a brick and mortar home, such as in remote locations or on steep hills. Log houses can also be built on jetties and piers, or on stilts out in shallow water. That’s why log homes are so popular in Africa, where the terrain or location may not be ideal for other types of homes, and the many resorts in Africa favour timber frame and log cabins for their houses
If you are searching for an accredited (NHBRC) home builder look no further; we pride ourselves in creating only high-quality timber frame homes for families to permanently reside in or for holiday homes. Contact us today for more information!

  • hottentots

    A residential home that was constructed on the very remote Skeleton coast in Namibia. Buildign materials where brought in countainers from the ocean to achieve this build.
  • mussulo angola

    This home in Mussuloa, Angola, included the main residence, several outbuilding and staff quarters, entertainment gazebos, a private mooring jetty as well as extensive landscaping.
  • wako kumbo

    Proving there is no project too big or too small, T&B constructed this medium sized residential home in Wako Kumba, Angola using its solid log techniques.
  • Hottentots Bay - Namibia
  • Mussulo - Angola
  • Wako Kumbo - Angola