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  • T&B have decades of experience in structural engineering.
  • An in-depth knowledge of renewable energy generation methods allows us to build in the remotest of areas.
  • T&B can handle electrical engineering needs, whether for an individual home or entire development.
  • T&B can design and install water systems, including water recycling, desalinisation and sewerage treatments.
  • Large civil undertakings and infrastructure can be professionally designed by T&B.

With our years of experience in developing and delivering projects across the globe we have built up a strong Engineering team comprising of our own in house Engineers along with specialised Engineering service providers to enable us to cover a broad spectrum of challenges.

T&B Have exensive and specialised knowledge of the following:

  • Bulk excavations, Retaining walls and Landscaping & Irrigation
  • Civils works – Roads, Road surfacing & Storm water management
  • Structural – Timber, Concrete, Bricks & Mortar, Stone and steel frame / structure
  • Water services – Water reticulation, Reverse Osmosis, Desalination, Treatment, Storage, Supply, Wells and recycling
  • Waste water management – Sewer reticulation, Sewer treatment plants and recycling
  • Power systems – Mains reticulation, power units, solar & wind generation, Synchronisation of multi systems

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